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The pups then and the pups now

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My dad just yelled “I SWEAR I’LL CUT OFF WHAT’S LEFT OF YOUR DICK IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY COKE DON’T YOU DARE” and I came in the room like what the fuck and it was my dad holding up a shoe and my cat sitting by a glass of coca-cola with his paw almost touching inside of it and both of them didn’t even break eye contact with each other

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"touch my butt and give me pizza" image

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advantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

  • instant cute outfit with minimal effort
  • it enhances the coziness when u drink hot beverages
  • sweater paws are guaranteed to make u feel 43% more adorable
  • u can unbutton ur jeans and no one will know

disadvantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

Guys think they’re totally not cute lol

the day i dress for a man is the day they dress me in my coffin to see jesus

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If this gets 10,000 notes by the end of summer I’ll run into class on the first day of school with a piece of toast in my mouth like that freaking anime cliche.

((Posting this since I was dared and my posts don’t get notes so I’m safe.))

friend you are going to be so sorry you ever posted this i will spend every waking moment reblogging this i will get you those 10,000 notes

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The hardcore way to eat ramen:
1. Boil water
2. Eat block of ramen
3. Drink boiled water
4. Snort flavored powder
5. Fuck bitches


you looking for this my friend?

why is there a gif for this

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honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab

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I was downtown tonight and I passed this group of big kinda scary looking guys and all I heard was “are you fucking kidding me? harry potter wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the hunger games.”

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Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

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I wonder If we’ll ever be put into songs or tales.

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